I try to follow all the libertarian principles and support the basis of all the parties' planks ( although I may convey the messaging differently)

I'm challenging all my opposition candidates to state their principles & back real reform to return the power and freedom back to "we the people"

1) term limits for federal office ( it should be in service to the country for a limited time & not a career)

2) balanced budget amendment

3) elimination of income tax & institute the FairTax ( )

4) presidential line-item veto for all expenditures, earmarks, markups, unfunded mandates, and appropriations. With congressional review ( congress can then either override the veto or withdraw the legislation)

5) limit the federal government to its original constitutional roles (It should be the servant of the states & the protector of the people, but never the ruler over them)

6) regulatory oversight and review ( congress needs to stop abdicating its law-making responsibility to bureaucrats and regularly make sure regulations are appropriate, look at the basis, scope, and purpose of the regulations, as well as review effectiveness, and make sure there isn't any duplicate or conflicting regulations)

7) true immigration reform ( let's stop all this political play with people's lives and future)

I'm life-affirming pro-choice, the government shouldn't be funding or promoting abortion, and it shouldn't outlaw it either (on the federal level)

9) let's find a way to give a ladder out of the safety nets of government assistance we have in place, (when someone falls on hard times they shouldn't be trapped in that condition, captured in the very safety nets put there to help them, stuck in virtual jails and punished for trying to get out of them.)

10) change the focus of our military interaction internationally ( instead of the world's police let's be their first responder)

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